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The Third Decan of Cancer (The Sun is 20°-30° in Cancer)


The Four of Cups, The Chariot and the High Priestess

Here we go! A Super Lunar-charged period of Cancer (July 12th-21st). This last Decan of the Cardinal sign Cancer not only contains a New Moon on the 13th but also a partial solar eclipse on the same day. If you feel an emotional surge or sudden sense of dissatisfaction, you’ll know why. Ride the wave, knowing that while it is perfect now, it will always dissipate onto the shore and you will need to jump out of the curl or crash. Although you most likely won’t see the Moon darken the Sun in this eclipse, you may feel a dissatisfaction with what you have – or a reluctance to reside in acceptance.

The Tarot card associated with this Decan is the Four of Cups. Also called Luxury (Blended Pleasure). This is a good time to contemplate what abundance means to you. Is having just enough sufficient, or do you need more? Reflect on that you can do with your overflow. Can you share and give away some of your accumulations with others? Whether it’s food, possessions or spiritual abundance that you have, it’s a great time to contemplate what to do with our excesses because despite abundance, you may encounter a sense of dissatisfaction that cannot be remedied with a “more, more, more attitude.

Action Items for the Next 10 Days:

  • Acknowledge emotions surfacing and practice self-care.
  • Make no excuses. Instead of rationalizing, use the New Moon on the 13th as a time to plan, create a strategy, and start something new that you wish to see grow and evolve. If you have been holding onto any deep emotions that need to surface, let your heart open and then nurture yourself through it intuitively. 
  • Make a list of your hopes, intentions and wishes. Read it every day for the next 10 days and thank the Universe in advance for supporting you.
  • Be generous with others and yourself.
  • Practice serenity.

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Tarot Deck: Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus by M.M. Meleen

Kelly Burton