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Presence Tarot offers a variety of classes aimed to help you master the Tarot. Using lectures, exercises, practice readings, and journaling, you will dive right in and make the Tarot a part of your everyday life.

The Presence Tarot Class

The Presence Tarot Class

from 175.00

The Presence Tarot Course - 10 Weeks - $675

Classes for this Tarot Series start on May 23th and continue every Thursday evening, unless otherwise specified.  A workbook is included that has exercises and journaling prompts to help you use the Tarot as a tool for inspiration in addition to using it for divination.

Thursday May 23 - August 1  2019 (Skip 4th of July)

Part 1 - May 23 - June 3

Part 2 - June 13 - June 27

Part 3 -  July 11

Part 4 - July 18- Aug 4

The class is split into four modules, each with its own workbook:

Part 1  - The Major Arcana - Learn the meanings of each Major Arcana card and then go on to explore how the cards interact. Learn to see a story in the cards and tell your own story as you go through this journey. Make connections and begin a Tarot Journal and learn fun techniques to help you use the Tarot every day. Included are journaling prompts and exercises to increase your Tarot connection. 3 Weeks 

Part 2 - The Minor Arcana and Beyond - Learn the suit cards and then do a deeper dive into the Court Cards. Do exercises and journaling about the minor suits. Explore numerology and elements and learn how to determine birth cards. 3 Weeks

Part 3 - Elemental Dignities & Planetary Dignities - A deeper dive into the Tarot as we explore how to use dignities elemental and planetary dignities in readings. 1 Week

Part 4 - The Tarot Correspondence Wheel - Now with all of the basics under your belt, it’s time to explore an entirely new world of correspondences. This class brings everything together and goes deeper into the connections that planets, signs, numbers, decans, elements and suits. Learn how all interact together as an entire system and bring your Tarot knowledge to a whole new level. 3 Weeks

Payment Options

1. Paid in full by Early Bird Deadline, May 1, 2019 $599, $675 thereafter
2. Pay $175 for any module listed above

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