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I received my first Tarot deck as a gift from my mother when I was 17. She said that a psychic had told her that I had a gift and that I should pay attention to my dreams. So she gave me a book on interpreting dreams and a Rider Waite Smith deck in the late 70s. I actually became more passionate about the cards than interpreting the dreams. I studied the cards with a teacher in Los Angeles and began practicing on others whenever I could, carrying my deck around carefully wrapped in one of my dad’s handkerchiefs that I borrowed from one of his suit pockets. I still have and use that deck (and that handkerchief is still in the drawer where I keep my collection of Tarot decks).

I am still fascinated every time I do a reading and hear the interpretations coming out. The archetypes, the stories, colors and connections and the accuracy of the cards humbles me every time. I am just telling the story of the cards in front of me, based on their positions and interconnectedness with one another and how they all play out for you, the Seeker.

As a Tarot professional, I offer insights and advice on karmic or spiritual matters. I feel that the Tarot offers insights and understanding into life situations so that you are able to make informed decisions for yourself. The Tarot is a tool for gaining clarity - especially into nonphysical energies.

A few Things about my Readings

I am an intuitive Tarot reader and not a psychic. I am not a medium and do not communicate with entities or the dead. I do not predict or diagnose healthcare issues and believe that these things should be addressed by qualified healthcare professionals. I will not predict, death, lottery, pregnancy or birth, financial ruin or gain. I will also not do third party readings. I can however, read the Tarot about the spiritual or karmic implications of your current situation and explore metaphysical or nonphysical implications that may be at play to help you use your free will to make your own decisions about a matter. I will also not knowingly read for anyone under 18 years without parental consent.

I respect all questions and understand the importance of asking them. I will work with clients to rephrase questions so that they are directed towards energies and can best offer actionable measures to take to improve or walk away from a situation. My goal is to help by interpreting the cards that appear in a reading to empower the client to move through situations equipped with spiritual guidance but with the understanding that free will exists.

I hope you enjoy your adventure in Tarot!

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