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Welcome to Presence Tarot. If you've landed here, then I'll bet you're a fearless seeker looking for ways to improve your life through new insights and thoughtful reflection. Having a reading is like embarking on an adventure into a realm in which you are often only partially aware of. The Tarot taps into our collective consciousness, revealing wisdom through archetypes, numbers, colors and  imagery. It evokes the intuition of the reader based on the energies that are present and remarkable things start to happen.

Presence Tarot Readings are delivered as PDFs with a photo of your reading, a graphic of the spread so you can follow along,  and full written analysis. Before submitting your reading request, it is a good idea to formulate a well thought out question. For tips on how to get the most from your Tarot reading and for some sample questions, go to the How to Ask page.

To get started, browse from the Tarot Spread options in the boxes below and choose a category and click for more options.